King's Life Guard of Foote
Second Captain's Company

Second Captains Company Commanded by Captain Robert Levenz
Second Company
John Hidalgo
Austin, Texas

Sergeant Johnathon Blacklock
Johnathon Blacklock
John Hidalgo
John Hidalgo is the primary ECWSA point of contact in Texas and commanding officer for second company.
Barber Surgeon Schmeckle
Phineas Schmeckle
Barber Surgeon
Ken Gurton
All we can say is be afraid. Be very afraid.
Musketeer Ansel Webber
Ansel Webber
Don Webb
Don Web is experience with both musketry and Artillery.
Musketeer Will Howard
Will Howard
Howard Major
Not only a fine musketeer but a master when it comes to the use of the quill.
Pikeman Bob Miller
Bob Miller
Sarah Miller
A pikeman too perky for his own good.
Pikeman Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller
Brian Miller
Set with the sad and unsung task of mentoring young Bob.
Pikeman Jack Scratch
Jack Scratch
Drew Heyen
Well, let's just say that Jack is odd...
Pikeman Gus Martin
Gus Martin
Gus Martinez
Well, let's just say that Jack is odd...
Cannonier Thomas Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins
Cannonier and Artillerist
Alan Hutton
Alan Hutton is a licensed professional pyrotechnician.
Powder Monkey Briggan Webber
Briggan Webber
Powder Monkey
Briggan Webber
They sure start young...
Whitney Rowlett
Whitney Rowlett
Dance Mistress
Whitney Rowlett
Don't know how to set and turn? Don't worry. She'll whip you into shape.
Goodwife Miller
Christine Miller
Midwife and Wise Woman
Chris Miller
She can cure what ails you but we can't guarantee that it will taste good.
Goodwife Webber
Mimi Webber
Mimi Webber
A boon to Musketeer Webber.
Goodwife Jenkins
Pamela Jenkins
Pamela Hutton
A boon to Thomas Jenkins.
Goodwife Schmeckle
Edwina Schmeckle
Edwina (Gurton?)
A boon to Phineas Schmeckle.
Goodwife Scratch
Amanda Scratch
Amanda Heyen
A boon to Jack Scratch, and he needs all the help he can get.

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