Sir Mungo Campbell of Lawer's Regiment of Foot,

Campbell of Lawers (Click to Enlarge) 1st Captains Co'y Campbell of Lawers (Click to Enlarge)

Contact: Thom Rolston (Sergeant, Commander), 106 Ottoway, Temple, TX, 76501, (254) 773-1039

Geographical Base: Texas

Current Members: Still forming (Currently 2 Soldiers)

Membership Policy & Fees: The current fees are those membership fees required of the ECWSA. Regimental fees will be determined at a later date, none currently.

Affiliation: English Civil War Society of America (ECWSA)

Uniform: Hodden gray wool coat and breeches with linen linings, blue Scots bonnet.

Colours:  White saltaire on a blue field with the motto, "COVENANT ( top portion of field) for Religion ( left portion of field) Croun ( Right portion of field) and Countrie (bottom portion of field) " in yellow/gold lettering.

History:  As quoted from "Scots Armies of the 17th Century, 1. The Army of the Covenant 1639-51" by Stuart Reid

"Sir Mungo Campbell of Lawers Regiment Raised in 1639 as Argyle's Regiment for service in Scotland, taken into the regular army in 1642 for service in Ireland, returning to Scotland in 1644. Chased Montrose out of Dumfries, chased Huntly out of Aberdeen, did a short stint in the north of England before chasing Montrose out of Aberdeenshire and going into garrison at Inverness. Fought at Auldearn suffering very heavy losses including Sir Mungo. Eventually taken over by Sir James Campbell of Lawers (1646) Still in Inverness in 1650 when a detachment fought at Carbisdale. Fought with distinction at Dunbar before being destroyed at Worchester. after this it comes as no surprise to find them described at Dunbar as the stoutest regiment in the army."