The Armchair Historian Quiz
Test Your Knowledge of the Seventeenth Century in this mostly accurate pop-quiz
By Keith Frye
  1. At his execution, Charles I;
    a) Gave his bishop a gold watch.
    b) said "I'll be bach."
    c) walked around for half an hour after they cut off his head, just to show them who was King.

  2. The period that Oliver Cromwell ruled England was called;
    a) The Crommonwealth.
    b) The Interrectum.
    c) bad news for the Irish.

  3. In 1655 Cromwell banned:
    a) Christmas.
    b) Mistletoe.
    c) sex with Mrs. Cromwell.
    d) any clothing that wasn't black.

  4. The Parliament Objected to Charles I's policy of
    a) Tunnage and Poundage.
    b) Rummage and Scroundage.
    c) Scrummage and Bondage.
    d) stammering in public.

  5. Pride's Purge was
    a) a laxitive.
    b) Illegal.
    c) Immoral.

  6. Charles I maintained that the Divine Right of Kings meant
    a) Charles was King and that was Right.
    b) Kings were Divine, and that was Right.
    c) Kings were Right, and that was Right.
    d) Everything was all right.

  7. At the Siege of Worcester;
    a) The Scots, being short of cash, charged everything.
    b) The Scots, being short of cash, refused to charge anything.
    c) Parliamentary Artillery used the heads of their fallen as cannonballs, hence the term Round Head.

  8. The Rump Parliament got its name
    a) from sitting all the time
    b) because it was led by an a**hole
    c) because anybody who wasn't an a**hole had been removed
    d) because anybody who was an a**hole was there

  9. Prince Rupert was
    a) a Wittelsbach.
    b) a Hentzau.
    c) a Mary.
    d) owner of a Vorpal Poodle named "Kraken".
    e) owner of a Woozle named "Peanut".

  10. The King left the field of Naseby by
    a) the use of good horse sense.
    b) disguising himself as a lawn jockey.
    c) the number 47 bus

ANSWERS: 1=A, 2=C(mostly), 3=A, 4=A, 5=B and sometimes C (come ON!), 6=B, 7=B, 8=A (although the a**hole theory has a lot of modern examples supporting it), 9=A, 10=A (really!)

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