Prince Rupert's Regiment of Foote
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Historically, also known as Prince Rupert's Regiment of "Blew coates."

Contacts: 1st Coy - Keith Frye (Lt., Commander), 33 Ridge Rd., Bloomingdale, NJ 07403; Phone: (Night) 973-838-0073

Geographical Base:  East Coast, mainly NY/NJ/PA

Current Members: 1 Ofc., 1 Sgt., 2 soldiers, 2 campfollowers

Membership Policy & Fees: Each company/unit sets their own regimental fee (if any) for members (Example: 1st Coy is $10/yr., to pay for unit equipment such as flag, drum, all tentage & camp/cooking items as needed).

Affiliation: English Civil War Society of America (ECWSA)

Uniform: 'Wedgewood' blue wool soldier's coat lined in white wool, 'Wedgewood' blue wool breeches and Montero Cap, with linen shirt, white wool stockings (optional white or grey oversocks), plus proper style shoes. Note that coat/breeches buttons are made of the same wool cloth covered over bits of leather. In addition soldiers were issued with a leather baldric & scabbard for their sword, and a leather snapsack for belongings (wool blanket, eat ware & personal items). Optional are leather gauntlets, but required for fencing skirmish.

Colours: A black field with piles (triangles) of white and gray in increasing numbers for each company starting with the Colonel's company. In addition, for each Captain's company (lst-7th) distinctions is 1 black ring per company, on a white diagonal bar across the field. A St. George canton on the upper left corner (1/6th of field). Black sleeve; Black tassels & cords of 2' length.